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Career & Technical Programs

Choffin Career & Technical Center offers education and hands-on experience for High School students (grades 11 & 12) to prepare them for a successful career and life upon graduation.

Current Programs

Allied Health

The Allied Health program allows students to improve the well-being of others using professional medical equipment and techniques. During this program, students participate in clinical rotations assisting patients with daily activities such as hygiene, grooming, nutrition, and mobility. As students grow through the program, they have the unique opportunity to practice advanced health care and diagnostic techniques in lab and clinical environments.


Students in the Automotive Technology Program will use cutting-edge software to repair today's foreign and domestic highly sophisticated automobiles. In addition to hands on experience working with vehicles, students will also be exposed to the operations of a full-service automotive shops. While working in our in-house automotive shop, students will troubleshoot complex automotive systems using the same advanced diagnostic and repair equipment as Master Technicians.


In the Biotechnology program, students conduct hands-on activities in anatomy and physiology, forensic science, cell biology, disease research, immunology, organic chemistry, medical technology, environmental science, and genetic engineering. Students will perform DNA Fingerprinting, Genetic Transformations, and Protein Analysis. Through high-level academic coursework, students will design produce, and analyze a wide range of scientific experiments.

Collision Repair

In the Collision Repair program, students will restore the beauty of the original finish and create custom modifications using modern welding, sanding, painting, and detailing. In addition to doing the repair work, students will learn to asses and estimate a wide range of vehicles. After comprehending and communicating the value of the repair, the student will then be guided to perform the repair and refinishing process on a wide range of vehicles. Throughout this hands-on experience, students will operate the same equipment as Master Technicians.

Construction Technology

In the Building Construction program, students experience all aspects of construction by building a house from the ground up. This course will help students design and construct hands-on projects using carpentry and electrical tools and equipment used by professionals. Students will interpret blueprints and specifications to construct wood products and structures from rough lumber to finish grade.


Through our cosmetology program, students will create artistic hair and nail designs. Additionally, studies include innovative skincare services using the latest technology, trends, and name-brand products. Students will gain important management and business experience as they operate a full-service interactive salon and spa. Ultimately, students will use professional salon techniques to help clients achieve their ideal look.

Criminal Justice

Students will have the opportunity to perform law enforcement operations such as crime scene investigation, fingerprint analysis, and self-defense tactics. While taking this course, students will experience the thrill of using firefighting vehicles and advanced equipment in "live fire" and other life-threatening situations. After learning the foundations of law, students will investigate constitutional, criminal, and federal laws to understand how they work to keep communities safe from criminial behavior and delinquency.

Culinary Arts

In the Culinary Arts program, students can express artistic vision as a part of a team that designs menus, prepares meals, and organizes catered events. Students will formulate exciting original recipes to compete in cooking challenges. Students in this program learn to deliver an outstanding customer service experiences as a key part of the culinary team.

Early Childhood

Students in Early Childhood Education program experience the joy of creating fun and amazing activities for young children who are full of life and love learning. Students considering this program should be interested in working with young children, as part of this experience is spending hands-on time in certified preschools and child development centers. Through this program, students can influence the future of children by postitively shaping their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.


The engineering pathway at Choffin Career and Technical Center is a two-year introductory engineering program. Students are encouraged to explore various engineering specialties and learn to apply math and science to solve problems. Students in the program will learn the design development process of brainstorming, sketching, computer modeling, prototyping, and testing. Students will also apply principles of robotics, manufacturing operation, mechanics, and electronics through programming and simulation projects.

Graphic Design

Digital Graphic Designers learn to communicate through graphics. It involves using visual material incorporating words and images to convey a message or instruction. The field of Digital Graphic Design and Imaging encompasses all phases of the process from origination of the idea through reproduction, finishing, and distribution of products or electronic transmission. Projects are endless: Fliers, Menus, Booklets, Calendars, Clothing, Blankets, Plaques, Phone Covers, and so much more!

Interactive App and Game Development

The IT program at Choffin will prepare students who wish to enter the Information Technology field and will provide them with a vast knowledge and opportunity to choose which direction they want to go in IT. There is no limit to what you can do in this field, but it all starts with a basic understanding of computer hardware, software, concepts and terminology. This program will give students a great foundation should they choose to further their IT education in college or military.

Media Arts

In Media Arts, students will create films, documentaries, music videos, special effects, original soundtracks animations, and videos. Choffin's program focuses on storytelling through many different forms of media, for example photojournalism. Students will shoot commercial photography and video clips both onsite and in the studio for impactful print and web media. Students will also learn to master professional editing software to create broadcast productions, digitial illustrations, and animations.

Precision Machining

In the Precision Machining program, students will invent, design, create, and build the advanced precision parts and tools used in everyday products. During the program, students will have the unique opportunity to work alongside local industry employers to design and build challenging projects using advanced, computer-controlled technology. Students will program and control industrial CNC machines to produce products from engineering blueprints and specifications.


In the Welding program, students will manipulate the power of fire and electricity to design and construct the metal products people use every day. Our welding students operate the same advanced welding and fabrication equipment used by professionals to manipulate metal for artistic and industrial applications. Students in this program will create, build, assemble, and repair metal projects utilizing industrial and artistic welding techniques.

Choffin Career & Technical Center

It is the mission of Choffin Career & Technical Center to develop individuals with technical, scholastic, employability and life skills enabling them to exercise career options in becoming responsible citizens, productive employees, and life-long learners in cooperation with business, industry and other community resources.

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